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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  October 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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from our senate debate. joe heck and catherine cortez masto have laid out their plan to tackle nevada's issues... and now they are each weighing in on the controversy surrounding the presidential candidates./// > a suspect arrested this morning ise have evidence linking the same man to a murder 6 years earlier near the oliver ranch. ((christianne klein)) >> the i-team's george knapp first revealed the link between the two crimes last october... and is here with the exclusive story. ((george knapp)) cold case detectives have known for awhile now that the murder and the rape were related because dna evidence connected the two, but they could not find a match in any dna data bases, that is, until this week. the suspect gave them the evidence they needed after he was arrested on a different
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metro detectives previously obtained this grainy image , footage from a security camera at a fast food restaurant, recorded in 2004. the driver bought some food for a deaf woman he'd picked up, then drove her to kyle canyon road and sexually assaulted her at knifepoint. last october, cold case detectives dean o'kelley and ken hefner said they were hopeful the attacker might still be in town. ken hefner/cold case detective: might be able to look at it and say, hey, that's so and so, and we can got from there. ((george knapp)) the reason these homicide veterans were working a rape case is that the dna from this sexual assault was a match for a sample taken from a murder scene six years earlier. the bludgeoned body of a woman was found in 1998 under a joshua tree off state route 159 near oliver ranch.. there were signs of a violent struggle.
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miller, who'd often been homeless. dna evidence from the murder scene was entered into the "codis" data base, but it wasn't until 2012 that the connection was made to the 2004 sexual assault case. dean o'kelley/cold case detective: they are definitely linked. the same male deposited semen in both locations. no question about that. ((george knapp)) but detectives still didn't have a name. they do now. back in may, this man brandon mcguire was arrested for a domestic violence incident. his dna was cole the time. metro just learned that it matched the profile from the earlier crimes. mcguire was aprpehended wednesday morning. he is being held on sexual assault and kidnapping charges. a murder case will take longer to put together but cold case detectives are already working on it. the sexual assault team, meanwhile, thinks mcguire may have other victims out there. lt. david valenta/metro sexual assault: with continued testing we may have additional that's still linked to the same suspect. not to mention we will just have additional cases, completely
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additional success stories we anticipate in the future. ((george knapp)) the cold case detectives who worked the murder case say brandon mcguire is someone they've had on their radar screen for awhile, and not necessarily for the 1998 homicide by itself. you can read into that what you will. as we reported last year, advanced in dna testing means that ther sexual assault team expects to make additional arrests of rape suspects who t it. ((dave courvoisier)) following yesterday's senate vote to pass sb1.. or the stadium bill... to the assembly... the legislator broke for the jewish holiday yom kippur. and while that puts the special session on hold until tomorrow... the buzz about the stadium is going on all around nevada---for and against the idea. we start our team coverage in carson city with mauricio marin. ((mauricio marin)) >> the chamber's are quiet
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how they feel about the stadium proposal up here in northern nevada. just today---the reno gazette journal issued an editorial today against this specific proposal. >> the newspaper says they don't like the idea that taxpayers would be on the hook if revenue projections don't live up to expectations. however--- supporters say they're confident more than enough money will come in. the reno gazette journal also argues that er economists haven't testified to the legislature. there's been arguments made that the stadium would mainly only benefit southern nevada---but some folks we talked with who live in carson city say they're all for it. ((cathy comegys/supports stadium proposal: yeah we are all in favor of seeing the raiders where we can drive to see them and still maybe the advantage of a training camp here in reno." john tendeland/supports stadium proposal: you know what's good for the state i think is good for all, i think generally that's what people think." )) >> the reno gazette says they aren't targeting the idea of
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the editorial board feels though this specific plan should be rejected until a deal is struck up to protect taxpayers. ((mauricio marin)) >> the bill to fund the stadium moves to the assembly when they reconvene tomorrow here in carson city. here 8 news now's sports anchor chris maathiuss. it seems like we're sort of in half time right now in all of this. ((chris maathuis)) lawmakers have called timeout and will resume second-half play tomorrow the stadium bill passed but there still more forward passes to be thrown and first downs to be made before las vegas actually scores and nfl franchise vp gov't relations sands corp. "i am as confident as anyone can be i don't want to use too many sports analogies because it's half time we got one more half to go we got to get to the assembly but if they do the work the senate did i think they'll see the economic benefits of this are outstanding and i feel we can get the votes." chris the assembly approving 750 million hotel taxes is all the stands in the way raider nation relocation andy abboud sands "one more vote before we go to the nfl." chris
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in the past about wanting the raiders to stay in oakland, casino owner and visionary steve wynn says he knows many of the owners and they are on board with moving the team to vegas steve wynn casino owner & visionary for the first time in modern history the national football league has signaled a willingness to allow the team to transfer it takes 24 to 32 members of the nfl ownership committee to approve the transfer my friend jerry jones robert draft and others with whom i have a personal relationship have told me the nfl chris securing an nfl franchise is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but for a few of those 16 senators that voted yes, their focus was on unlv when they punch that green button aaron ford (d) senate minority leader "if we were going to build a unlv stadium initially every single dime would've been public money so putting in some level of public funding to stadium made perfect sense question what was the right amount?" kelvin atkinson (d) senate asst. minority leader
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bring them better athletes, better conferences, and look in the bcs game is chad about how much they make i can tell me how much they make a bring a lot of money." ((chris maathuis)) so we wait during this time out learn the raiders owner mark davis will stand before the assembly thursday saying if you build it he will come./// ((christianne klein))
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continuing the fight within his own party. this after many notable names pulled support when audio of trump making lewd comments about women came to light. his running mate, mike pence, has downplayed the back-and-forth among republicans. a new "wall street journal-nbc news" national poll.. the first taken since sunday's debate.. has hillary clinton with a nine-point lead over trump. she'll be in town later tonight... for a rally at the smith center./// ((christianne klein)) the presidential candidates aren't the only politicians in the spotlight.. candidates.. catherine cortez masto and joe heck for exclusive interviews.. and of course, we discussed some of the controversies in the presidential race.. i asked cortez masto about the recent wikileaks release sharing the text of hillary clinton's wall street speeches.. in it - clinton references the need to have both a public and private position on issues.. i asked cortez masto if she shared that viewpoint.. ((catherine cortez masto/(d) u.s. senate candidate listen i've felt and this is something i've learned from my father when he was a county commissioner here.. when you're talking to voters,
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you have to be very honest with them.. and that's something that i felt was so important :58 they're not always going to like the decisions that i make but if i'm honest with them about what's on the background adn why those decisions were made and my reasoning for that.. i think that's what we owe as public officials to the general public so they understand why we make decisions the way we do : )) ((christianne klein)) >> this past weekend joe heck leaders who withdrew their support for donald trump.. i asked heck.. if trump takes the white house.. and permanently reshapes the g-o-p - would he ever consider leaving the republican party? ((dr. joe heck/(r) u.s. senate candidate i believe in the fundamental tenets of the republican party. a strong national defense.. reasonable regulations, low taxes and an effective government, strong personal responsibility and freedoms and liberties.. so i don't see me ever leaving the republican party because fundamentally it's what i believe in my heart )) ((christianne klein))
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funding for a potential n-f-l stadium and how they would work together with the opposition party in congress or in the white house.. we'll take a look at some of those issues leading up to their senate debate on friday night at 7 pm here on 8 news now. we've teamed up with univision to host it.. again you can also take part - to submit your questions for the candidates.. just go to our 8 news now facebook page or las vegas now dot com. /// ((christianne klein)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters. you can find all things politics both on air n vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) outside right now... it's pretty calm... and a little cloudy. but the real story begins friday... when tedd says winds will pick up through the weekend.
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even in mohave county development remains low. looking at some breezes today that could last through some parts of the evening. ................................ ... ...................... here's your hour by hour for tonight. high clouds with warm temps this evening. expecting mild temps by 11 pm with winds slight breeze at time and decreasing late and by moin under mostly clear skies. we'll have an update on the rest of the week coming up in your most accurate weather now forecast
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tedd florendo. this is 8 news now at five.")) ((christianne klein)) here's some good news... more americans are living longer, healthier lives. but that can affect your retirement savings in a big way. so in tonight's debt destroyer report .. consumer advocate michelle mortensen has some tips to help
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years. ((michelle mortensen)) maybe 70 really is the new 60. more americans are living longer. which means more people are working longer. but are we saving enough to enjoy our golden years? apparently -- some employees need a little help from their bosses. according to a new report from asset management firm -- t-rowe price -- more companies arek employees to save more for retirement. let's look at the numbers. last year -- a little more than half of the employers in the report automatically enrolled workers into a retirement savings plan -- like a 401 (k). 30 percent automatically contributed 6 percent or more of the workers salary to the savings plan. which -- according to the report -- is a big deal. here's why. if automatically enrolled -- 88 percent of workers participate in the plan. when employees have to sign
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than half participate. but putting away 6 percent still might not be enough. t-rowe price recommends saving 15 percent or more of your salary towards retirement. if you can't do that all at once -- start saving gradually. like adding two percent each year. little by little -- you can get a nest egg -- that may keep you comfortable. and for more help with managing your financial future ... make an appointment with our debt destroyer partner the financial guidance center. appointments are free ... but they can save you more than you ever imagined. i'm michelle mortensen.///
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average for this time of year. rain chances remain slim at this point as well even for mohave county as instability remains weak right now. ................................ ... .............. temperatures around the region warmed to low 90's for the east part of the valley where we low elevation. west side cooler in the high 80's; even cooler for kyle canyon in the 60 by late today. many neighborhoods remained above average for our highs and will stay that way through the next few days. ..... .............................. ................... regional temps also remained extra warm from mesquite all the way down to laughlin as we jumped the 90's through plenty
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stay that way for a few days before we see some changes late week with wind first then slightly cooler temps heading to the weekend. slight shower chances could return next week. .............. ..................... ................ radar showing high clouds moving through the region ahead of a trough but showers have been limited around the region. even conditions are quiter in mohave county where we did antcipate thunderstorm development and even that remains low for now. we're expecting a slight increase in wind today with wind decreasing a little tomorrow. .. . .... ................. here's the forecast. tonight expect a low near 70 and mild by morning under mostly clear skies. slight breezes through the evening but lighter winds by late and overnight. tomorrow expect a high of 89 degrees and staying above average again. clouds clear more tomorrow as we heat up again. ................................ ... ................... extended forecast shows mostly sunny to sunny skies all week. temps remain above average
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we'll begin to see some breezy winds develop late week as well, but we still remain dry with slight shower chances returning early next week. we'll have another weather update coming up in a few minutes.
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>> a team of scientists believe they've found a way to create the perfect glass./// ((coming up... after hillary clinton's emails and donald trump's comments. where do voters now stand? plus her husbands death by police gunfire was seen worldwide. now she gives her first interview to cbs news. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. ))
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i?
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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the first ever solar-powered ice cream truck in nevada is about to hit the street. harrel remmer has spent the past three years building his own system. the customized vehicle has four solar panels mounted on the top. they provide enough energy to power two large freezers... eliminating the need for a generator. ((harrel remmer ice cream truck owner: i was tired of the noise from the generator. the customers were tired of that noise but yet i wanted to keep everything good and cold. where some trucks may not run a generator, i wanted cold ice cream and i know the kids do. i had to work out a way to make it so we have cold ice cream and didn't have the noise, the maintenance, the fl everything else that go along with the generator.)) ((dave courvoisier)) >> remmer is waiting for a final inspection from the health district. he hopes to stock up the freezers and hit the road by next week. ((christianne klein)) what makes a glass of vino.. the best? some say it's the year.. others think it depends on the food you're eating with it. but a team in italy say it has
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the "sangiovese grapevines" in tuscany is home to the famed "brunello" wine... it's not your average glass. the grapes there are serenaded all day every day by mozart. researchers found the vines closest to the music grew bigger and sweeter grapes. another benefit... the tunes scare away bugs and birds./// ((christianne klein)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news leader. us on facebook and twitter. ((dave courvoisier)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// news music ((dave courvoisier)) the special session put
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two billionaires, spending millions to buy a senate seat for joe heck. smearing catherine cortez masto with ads called "bogus," "highly misleading," and "false." as attorney general, it's cortez masto who held banks accountable and helped nevada homeowners. and governor sandoval praised cortez masto's dedication to fighting sex trafficking. don't let joe heck's billionaires fool you. catherine cortez masto has always stood up for us.
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captioning sponsored by cb captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: 27 days to go. 27 days of this: >> his campaign said today thata they're going to use a "scorched earth" strategy. >> this wikileaks stuff is unbelievable. they attack catholics and evangelicals. >> i think the most important thing in the next four weeks is that we let trump be trump. >> pelley: also tonight, north carolina braces for a new round of flooding. >> there's nothing i can do. i mean, just stand here and watch and wait and pray. >> pelley: gayle king with the widow of keith scott, fatally shot by charlotte police. >> he had no gun. he was not a threat.


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